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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Brief History Just Been Paid Now Profit Clicking

The original JustBeenPaid now Profit Clicking and then AdClixExpress was launched in 2004. It never really got off the ground and became dormant after a few months.
JBP was re-launched in January, 2010 and has been performing and paying since. The essence of the new JBP was that members could buy referrals. Unfortunately this proved unworkable, because JBP could never satisfy the demand. Some sponsors also objected to giving up some of their referrals being sold to other members.
JSS (JBP's Synergy Surf) was launched during June, 2010. JSS is the "foundation program" that makes the JSS system indefinitely sustainable.
JSS-Booster was launched during August, 2010 as a way to "boost" JSS.
JSS-Warp was launched during October, 2010 as a way to "boost" both JSS-Booster and JSS.
JSS-Tripler was launched in February, 2011 as another way to "boost" JSS. JSS-Tripler quickly became spectacularly successful, effectively becoming the "tail that wags the JBP dog."
During August, 2011 our server crashed because of traffic overwhelm. Because JBP was written in the Ruby programming language and running under the FreeBSD operating system and our chief programmer at the time was available for only 1-2 hours a week, we had no practical choice other than temporary shutting down the system and rewriting JBP. At the same time, we moved to larger offshore servers.
In September, 2011 a simplified JBP came back online (programmed in PHP), with the buying of referrals eliminated. A "partial Restart" was done --> see JSS-Tripler Restart Feature (RSF) FAQ. A plan of systematically activating parts of JBP in a sensible sequence was followed.

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